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My name is Melissa, and I am a Speech-Language Pathologist, with over 13 years of experience serving children who have a range of disabilities and complex medical disorders, in a non-profit healthcare environment. With a Board Certification in Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (BCS-S), I use an interactive, parent-involved, and expert approach in feeding therapy. With three children (Ages 10, 8, and 4) of my own, all of these techniques and fun ideas and new takes on food are incorporated into our everyday, busy lives at home. 

The purpose of Rainbow Palates is to inspire families to become more involved in making food at home and to make mealtime more fun. For kids, we want to offer ways for them to explore new foods, expand their palates, and enjoy the experience of cooking, experimenting, and more!

The Rainbow Palates Story

Our family is excited to go on this journey with you and your family. From one end of the food rainbow to the other, and every bite along the way. Our mission is helping make all food kid food, and bringing fun and positive interaction into family mealtimes!


With three children of our own and busy lives like most families, we want to be able to share what has worked for us, incorporating a variety of foods into our everyday meals.

Rainbow Palates presents fun, interactive content and projects that all families can participate in at home. We love to share recipes, tips and tricks for picky eating, our favorite products, and blog posts to keep you updated on where we're at on the rainbow! Follow along as we take off on this new journey … one Rainbow Palate at a time! 


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