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Yummy Crate

One of our favorite subscription boxes @kiwico_inc came out with a new box, Yummy Crate!

Felix got the Yummy Crate for Christmas, and made everyone a full meal from start to finish with just help at the stove. This box is full of fun information about the food that they cook. It also comes with an adorable menu that your child writes and colors on to make it for their own restaurant. In his first Yummy Crate, Felix made us delicious cheeseburgers and mashed potatoes. He was most proud when his brother and sister both said, “This is the best cheeseburger I’ve ever had!”

Letting kids cook, bake, and prepare food is such an important skill that we can give them. They learn so many different things with this one activity- math, sequencing, reading, following directions, kitchen safety, time, measurements, and the list goes on and on. It also exposes them to using all of their senses to interact with food, which is an important step in being comfortable with eating food.

Felix can’t wait to cook more in 2022! Happy New Year!

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