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Yummy Bunny

Springing into Spring with these adorable bunny toast creations from @littlefoodjunction ! Isla, Harlow and Louis had just as much fun making these as they did eating them!

The kids got to create this from start to finish… spreading the peanut butter to peeling and slicing the banana, and putting the bunny together.

You can get creative with the fruit and veggies that you use, but here is what we used:


⭐️ Bread (toasted)

⭐️ Peanut Butter

⭐️ Banana

⭐️ Strawberry

⭐️ Apple

⭐️ Blueberries

⭐️ Orange

⭐️ Spinach


⭐️ Prepare you “bunny” by spreading peanut butter on your toast.

⭐️ Prepare ingredients by slicing. Bananas are the perfect first food for kids to begin cutting.

⭐️ Prepare your bunny face:

Eyes- Banana and Blueberry (use peanut butter as the “glue)

Ears- Sliced Apple

Nose- Sliced Strawberry

Whiskers- Strawberry or Apple slivers

Teeth- Banana or Apple pieces

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