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Waffles + Mochi


One of our favorite new books, WAFFLES + MOCHI Follow That Food, is such a fun story that takes children through different food journeys!

Waffles and Mochi are two friends who live in the Land of Frozen Food, and they bake, cook, and eat ice, but dream of eating fresh, delicious foods. A truck picks the friends up and takes them to the supermarket, where they learn about all different types of foods. They not only learn the names of different foods, but they learn about how they grow, where they come from, and different ways you can bake, cook, and eat the foods.

The best part is that there is also a Netflix series that your children and you can watch – WAFFLES + MOCHI. Each episode has fun music, puppets, and real people, who help WAFFLES + MOCHI explore new foods in a fun and creative way! Some of the episodes include: tomatoes, eggs, herbs/spices, corn, mushrooms, water, pickles, and more!

Kids won't be the only ones to learn something from watching this series! ❤️ 🌈

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