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The Gigantic Sweet Potato

What’s a great way to introduce new foods to kids… read about them! The Gigantic Sweet Potato, written by Dianne de Las Casas, is a cute and energetic book about…a gigantic sweet potato!

A sweet potato is planted, and when it’s time to harvest, it takes more than just Ma Farmer to pull it out of the ground! Pa Farmer, Bessie Cow, Ralph the Dog, Kittie Cat and Lily Mouse all have to work together to pull up that sweet potato!

At the end of the book, you will find a recipe for sweet potato pie, and fun facts about sweet potatoes!

As with all books, there are so many language opportunities to incorporate while reading this book:

⭐️ Sequencing

⭐️ Animal Sounds

⭐️ Adjectives

⭐️ Colors

⭐️ Repetition (Anaphora)

⭐️ Prepositions

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