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Talk, Talk, Talk-Grocery Shopping

Just seeing and talking about foods is exposure, and exposure is such an important piece to raising children who will eat a variety of foods, and it’s also important for our kids who struggle with eating. Small steps, can help make big changes!

⭐️ Language Stimulation (Describing)- Talk, talk, talk about all of the foods that you are placing in your cart.

• “This is a carrot. What color is the carrot? Yes, the carrot is orange just like pumpkins.”

• “Look at all of these noodles. There are so many shapes and sizes. There are small noodles and big noodles. These noodles are long and skinny. These noodles are shaped like a circle.”

⭐️ Language Stimulation (Informing)-

Talk about where different foods come from.

• “Did you know that carrots grow under the ground?!”

• “Cheese is made from milk which comes from animals. Did you know that cows aren’t the only animals that give us a milk?”

The language and exposure opportunities while grocery shopping with your little one are endless!

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