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Spring Smoothies

These bunny smoothie cups turned out so cute! Gather your art supplies, and get creative with this one! Have kids explore different colors and flavors of smoothies…who wouldn’t want to try them out of cute cups like these?!

Bunny Cups:

⭐️ Clear cups

⭐️ Hot Glue Gun

⭐️ Pipe Cleaners

⭐️ Puff Balls

⭐️ Googly Eyes

⭐️ Markers

⭐️ Straws

We made three different smoothies…green, yellow and purple!

Green Smoothie:

⭐️ Spinach

⭐️ Apple

⭐️ Lemon Juice

⭐️ Banana

Yellow Smoothie:

⭐️ Mango

⭐️ Pineapple

⭐️ Oranges

Purple Smoothie:

⭐️ Mixed Berries

⭐️ Plain Greek Yogurt

⭐️ Oranges

Enjoy, and have fun making these!!

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