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Smoothie Tip

Smoothies are such a great way to incorporate fruits and veggies into your kids’ diets. It helps get them all of the health benefits of fruits and vegetables, when they might have difficulty eating these foods.

🌈Tip: Freeze Your Smoothie Ingredients🌈

The biggest struggle with making smoothies is that they are time consuming, but I’m here to say it doesn’t have to be that way! Our tip is to buy your ingredients in bulk and prep a large batch and then freeze them. Get some freezer Zip-Lock bags or reusable freezer bags, and get ready to make multiple batches of smoothies at one time. This makes preparing the smoothies so much easier. All you have to do is grab your freezer bag of ingredients and the liquid of your choice, add protein powder if you choose, and blend!

⭐️ Spinach

⭐️ Cucumber

⭐️ Banana

⭐️ Green Apple

⭐️ Lemon Juice

⭐️ Water


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