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Real Food Coloring

It can feel like a lot of work, but using real food color to color Easter eggs is so worth it! They always turn out so, so pretty, and it’s fun to see my kids’ faces when they see the colors we can create!

How do you use food to dye eggs? All you need to do is pick the food/liquid that you want to get color from and boil it in water for several minutes, strain the food out and place the liquid in a jar. Add the vinegar in after the liquid cools. Next, place your eggs in the jars and let them set…the longer they are in the coloring, the deeper the color you will get.

Here is what we used this year:

⭐️ Yellow Onion Skins

⭐️ Yellow Onion Skins + Vinegar

⭐️ Turmeric

⭐️ Beets

⭐️ Beets + Vinegar

⭐️ Blueberries

⭐️ Blueberries + Vinegar

⭐️ Frozen Mixed Fruit

⭐️ Red Cabbage

⭐️ Red Cabbage + Vinegar

⭐️ Red Cabbage + Lemon

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