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Rainbow Veggie Spinwheel

A new spin on the traditional pinwheel, we've created...Veggie Spinwheels!

Still in our rainbow theme, we tried using as many colors of the rainbow as we could! These can be so nice for littles, because the small pieces help with making eating the different vegetable less overwhelming.


⭐️ Hummus (We use our favorite @sanaacooks27 hummus or make our own, but any kind will work great.)

⭐️ Tortillas

⭐️ Spinach

⭐️ Radish

⭐️Tri-Colored Carrots

⭐️ Yellow Pepper

⭐️ Orange Pepper

⭐️ Cucumber

*You can use any variety of vegetables that you would like!*


⭐️ Spread hummus on your tortilla.

⭐️ Place your veggies in the middle of the tortilla. We lined our ups to be able to get a little bit of everything in each spinwheel.

⭐️ Roll your tortilla and veggies.

⭐️ Slice into your spinwheels.

⭐️ Enjoy!

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