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Rainbow-Mango Salsa

Just in time for the holiday weekend! Isla recently made two different salsas for you to try, and she made to use as many colors from the rainbow as she could think of!

First up, Mango and Black Bean Salsa! This is delicious to eat with tortilla chips, in a lettuce wrap or tacos, and on steak, chicken and fish!


⭐️ Orange Pepper

⭐️ Black Beans

⭐️ Tomato

⭐️ Red Onion

⭐️ Mango

⭐️ Cilantro

⭐️ Jalapeño

⭐️ Garlic

⭐️ Lime Juice

⭐️ Salt and Pepper


⭐️ Mix all of your ingredients in a bowl and enjoy!

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