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Rainbow-Fruit Salsa

Isla made a Reel making her favorite salsa in the universe…fruit salsa!

This is fun to make with kids because you can incorporate so many different learning opportunities into it! We talked about the colors, tastes and how the different fruits feel. It goes perfectly with our homemade cinnamon chips (see precious reel)!


⭐️ Strawberries

⭐️ Blueberries

⭐️ Oranges

⭐️ Raspberries

⭐️ Kiwi

⭐️ Pineapple

⭐️ Lime Juice

⭐️ Honey


⭐️ Chop all fruit into small pieces.

⭐️ Mix together and add lime juice and honey to taste.

⭐️ Enjoy!

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