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Rainbow-Cucumber Sushi

This colorful, cucumber sushi is the perfect summer time snack that is loaded with nutrients! It can also be a great way to introduce your kids to sushi! Seaweed can be a difficult food to tackle, so start with crunchy cucumber!

Kids can help with this recipe by helping cut all of the veggies to go inside. After cutting, they’ll also love filling the cucumber up with the veggies.


⭐️ Cucumber

⭐️ Sweet Peppers (Red, Yellow, Orange)

⭐️ Carrots (Tri-Colored)

⭐️ Radish

⭐️ Topping or Dip of your choice. We chose @beelovedkitchen Almond Curry Sauce. I can practically drink this sauce straight from the container. ❤️


⭐️ Cut your cucumber in half.

⭐️ Use and apple corer to put a hole in the center of the cucumber. Save this to add to the inside of your cucumber.

⭐️ Slice all veggies into sticks.

⭐️ Stuff your veggies into the cucumber until the vegetables are firmly packed inside.

⭐️ Slice your cucumber sushi.

⭐️ Serve with your favorite dip!

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