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Presentation- Mealtime Routine

How do you currently present meals and snacks? Do you serve food directly to your children or is it served family-style? Do you serve some foods that are preferred and some that are non-preferred? What do portion sizes look like? Have you tried fun plates/utensils to present at mealtimes?

There are endless ways to think about food presentation. Keeping this consistent for children who are picky eaters is helpful because they will know what to expect. If you decide to serve some foods that are preferred and some non-preferred, then they will know what to expect each time they come to sit down. If you consistently only serve them their preferred foods, when you try to present a new food, this could be challenging for them to accept.

Another aspect to think about in regards to mealtime is trying to present foods in different ways (food shapes, utensils, plates, cups, portion sizes, etc.) to see if your picky eater is more willing to try the food.

There is no right answer to what is the best way to present food at mealtimes, so get creative and see what might work with your child, family, or patient to make mealtimes more enjoyable! 🍴

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