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Play Games-Grocery Shopping

⭐️Find the Foods

Ask your child to help you find the foods that you are looking for. “Can you find the bananas?” “Can you find the green peppers?”

⭐️I Spy

“I spy something a fruit that is red.” Take turns being the spy with your child.

⭐️How Much Will it Cost

If your child is older, have them keep track of how much you are spending, by having them add up the price of each item by rounding up or down. Have them average about how much they think the total of the groceries will be!

⭐️Guess the Price

Block the price of an item that you are getting, and have your kids guess the price. If you have more than one child with you, award a point to the player who guessed the closest.

⭐️Food Bingo

Before you leave the house, take a sheet of paper, and make a grid. Fill the grid with foods that you are planning to get. At the store, give them a marker to cross items off their Bingo card. If they are older, let them take a cart independently and find the foods on their card.

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