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Pita and Guacamole Trees

We are so ready for the holiday season, and so excited for all of the fun, food creations we have to share!

Prep the ingredients and your kids will have a blast making their own appetizer! This recipe idea is great for exposing kids to a variety of textures- purée, soft and crunchy!


⭐️ Pita Bread (cut into triangles)


⭐️ Lime

⭐️ Salt and Pepper

⭐️ Sour Cream

⭐️ Red and Orange Peppers

⭐️ Pretzel Sticks


⭐️ Make creamy guacamole- mashed avocado, lime, salt, pepper and sour cream.

⭐️ Warm your pita bread in the oven or air fryer.

⭐️ Spread guacamole onto the pita bread for the “tree”.

⭐️ Sprinkle on peppers for the “lights.”

⭐️ Place pretzel stick up through the bottom of the pita bread for the “tree trunk.”

⭐️ Enjoy!

My kids loved these more than I even thought they would and asked for thirds and fourths! They enjoyed being able to be independent with making their own food. Felix, who usually doesn’t always enjoy eating peppers, loved them on this!

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