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Pesto Pasta!

Oliver and Felix had so much fun making their first meal for us last night. Not only did everyone think it was delicious, but it was so cute to see how proud they were to be able to do this. They followed a recipe for Pesto Pasta from the "Kid in the Kitchen" cookbook, and were able to make it by themselves, with just a little assistance using the stove.

Having your kids present in the kitchen is a wonderful way to get them to explore new foods, and having them make the food is even better.

So much more than cooking happens when kids are learning to do this, because they are gaining a variety of other skills along the way, including:

⭐️ Sequencing

⭐️ Following directions

⭐️ Exposure to new ingredients

⭐️ Teamwork

⭐️ Measurements/Math

⭐️ Food safety

⭐️ Language

⭐️ Confidence

⭐️ Reading

⭐️ Independence

Recipe for Pesto Pasta from Kid in the Kitchen cookbook by @clarkbar.



• 1/3 cup-Pine Nuts

• 2- Garlic Cloves

• 5 cups-Fresh Basil (We used about 1/2 of this)

• 3/4 cup- EVOO

• 1/3 cup- Grated Parmesan

• 1 pound- Pasta

• Fresh Mozzarella

• Freshly Ground Pepper

• Kosher Salt

• Toast pine nuts and add to food processor with garlic, 1/2 tsp salt, and basil.

• Slowly drizzle EVOO in and blend. Add the Parmesan and process briefly.

• Cook pasta until Al Dente and rinse with cold water. Return pasta to pan.

• Add pesto to the pasta and stir.

• Serve with fresh mozzarella, Parmesan, and freshly ground pepper.


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