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Painting with Sweet Potatoes

First up for our Focus Food activity is painting with sweet potatoes!

Slice a sweet potato thick enough so that it can be used to paint with. Use a cookie or food cutter to make whatever type of shape that you want. Pick your paint colors, and dip your sweet potato into the paint… paint away!

This project allows kids to start learning more about sweet potatoes, before they are even cooked!

Here are some different topics to discuss during the activity to help with learning about sweet potatoes and stimulating language:

⭐️ Texture of a sweet potato raw versus cooked.

⭐️ Colors of different sweet potatoes.

⭐️ Shapes that you are using to paint with.

⭐️ Where does a sweet potato grow?

⭐️ What kind of nutrients are found in sweet potatoes?

⭐️ What are different ways we can eat sweet potatoes (roasted, baked, mashed, etc.)?

Just as with our other painting activities, touching, smelling and seeing a food are some of the first steps to eating it! This fun activity provides all of that without the pressure of having to eat it just yet!

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