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Olive Penguins

How cute are these little, edible penguins?! The the kids loved building and eating these!

They fit perfectly into their lunch boxes too! If your kids aren’t ready to eat these foods, that’s ok! Just exploring with sight, smell and touch is a great first step.


⭐️ Sliced Carrots (large not baby)

⭐️ Black Olives

⭐️ Mini Mozzarella Balls

⭐️ Toothpicks


⭐️Grab a toothpick to get ready to build your penguin.

⭐️ Take a piece of a carrot and cut a triangle out for the feet. Place this on the bottom of the toothpick.

⭐️ Next, take a black olive and cut down the long way so that it’s still intact. Fill it with the mozzarella ball. Add this on top of the carrot on the toothpick.

⭐️ Take another olive and face the hole of the olive out for the face towards the penguin feet. Place this on top of the penguin belly.

⭐️ Use a small carrot piece to fill the hole for the penguin beak.

⭐️ Enjoy!


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