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My SuperHero Foods

We are loving My SuperHero Foods book at our house!

⭐️ This book has the best illustrations…so colorful and fun! What I love and appreciate the most is the way it’s written to appeal to both younger and older children!

⭐️ My SuperHero Foods takes children (superheroes) through an educational journey with a variety of superfoods in a fun and creative way that keeps them engaged in the book and curious about the superfoods that are being described. “Avocados are awesome in every way. Good fat and B vitamins fuel you all day. This super sidekick is one to desire it helps superheroes jump higher and higher!”

⭐️ Some of the superfoods your superheroes will learn about are greens (kale, collards, arugula), eggs, berries, avocados, nuts/seeds, mushrooms, olives, salmon, yogurt, cacao and more!

Haley Scheich and Dr. Tarek Pacha have written this great book, and Haley also has a beautiful and fun Instagram page that you should follow @mysuperherofoods ! I am always learning something new from her! I also consider her a sweet friend that I was able to meet through IG and love our shared interest making nutritious foods fun for kids! ❤️

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