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Mini Melon Skewers

How fun are these mini melon skewers! My daughter isn't the biggest fan of honeydew and cantaloupe, but as soon as I made these, she ate them up! All you need is a syringe and food pick to make these cute,refreshing snacks!


⭐️ Honeydew

⭐️ Cantaloupe

⭐️ Watermelon


⭐️ Cut the end off of a syringe.

⭐️ Cut your melon into 1 inch slices.

⭐️ Press your syring down into each melon to create your skewer.

⭐️ Place a food pick or toothpick down the middle of the melons and remove from the syringe.

⭐️ Enjoy fresh or frozen!

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