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Meals and Movement

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

🌈 Movement🌈

Movement is so important for kids! Picky eaters or not, incorporating movement prior to eating, and especially prior to working on trying new foods, should be considered.

If a child is sitting and not exerting any energy prior to a meal, it can be difficult for them to be able to focus and stay seated at the table, and if they aren't able to stay at the table, they in turn won't be trying those new foods!

Pay attention to what your child is doing prior to eating, and how it might help or hinder having them sit at the table during mealtimes. If they are playing video games, watching TV, or on the iPad for an hour, are they going to be motivated to sit at the table for 30 minutes?

Think about different ways that you can have them participate in gross motor/movement activities, if even for just five to ten minutes, prior to coming to the table!

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