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Making a List- Grocery Shopping

The last of our Grocery Shopping series!

Have your kids help with making your grocery list for the week!

⭐️ Categorizing: Make the category lines, and have them fill in the list under each category with the foods that you need.

⭐️ Independence: Having them help with making a list helps with foster independence for them to be able to do it when they get older.

⭐️ Prioritizing: Once the list is finished, it’s a great time to talk about wants versus needs, and how to cut out items if needed based on this.

⭐️ Experiencing all that comes along creating a grocery list and the actual grocery shopping, helps kids understand that food just isn’t automatically in the refrigerator and pantry, but it takes a lot to get food on our tables and into their sweet, little cheeks! ❤️

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