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Holiday Smoothies

These smoothies are as fun to look at as they are to eat! You and your kids will get so many fruits and veggies all in this one, beautiful smoothie!


*Green Layer-

⭐️ Spinach

⭐️ Cucumber (Frozen)

⭐️ Lemon

⭐️ Water

⭐️ Green Apple

⭐️ Ice

*White Layer-

⭐️ Vanilla Greek Yogurt

⭐️ Banana (Frozen)

⭐️ Milk (cows/almond/coconut)

⭐️ Ice

*Red Layer-

⭐️ Raspberries (Frozen)

⭐️ Strawberries (Frozen)

⭐️ Cherries (Frozen)

⭐️ Water


⭐️ Mix each smoothie together separately in a blender and place in separate containers.

⭐️ When blending, make sure that the the smoothie consistency is thick so that the layers don’t run together!

⭐️ Take a mason jar, and build your holiday smoothie- Red, White and Green.

⭐️ Enjoy!!

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