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Holiday Mini Pizzas

Saturdays are for pizza!

Kids love getting to make their own food, and these mini pizzas are both fun and delicious! Using cookie cutters and pre-made pita bread, this recipe is super easy to make!


⭐️ Pita Bread or Pizza Crust

⭐️Tomato Sauce or Marinara

⭐️Garlic Powder





⭐️Mozzarella Cheese


⭐️Any pizza topping that you would like!


⭐️ Use cookie cutters to cut out pita bread or pizza dough. We used snowflakes, snowman and Santa.

⭐️ Spread marinara on top of pizza crust. If making homemade, take tomato sauce and add- garlic powder, salt, pepper, oregano and basil.

⭐️ Add mozzarella cheese.

⭐️ Add toppings of choice.

⭐️ We used our air fryer to cook the pizzas for 6 minutes at 400 degrees, and they turned out perfectly! These can also go in the oven.

Tips- using the pita bread, if your child doesn’t like warm, cooked pizza, they can eat this fun food without cooking it. This would make a fun homemade pizza lunchable!

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