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Guacamole Cups

We have a few days until St. Patrick’s Day, so our next posts will be dedicated to some fun, green foods to celebrate.

First up is a unique, delicious way to try guacamole…in a wonton cup! These would make for a perfect appetizer for your upcoming St. Patrick’s day festivities! ☘️


⭐️ Wonton Wrappers

⭐️ Avocado

⭐️ Lime Juice

⭐️ Garlic Powder

⭐️ Salt and Pepper


⭐️ Place your wonton wrappers into muffin tins and bake at 350 for 7 minutes.

⭐️ Make your guacamole by mixing the rest of the ingredients.

⭐️ Spoon the guacamole into the wonton cups.

⭐️ Enjoy!

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