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Green Juice Gummies

We took our gummy recipe and decided to try it with some green juice! These are filled with nutrients that are beneficial for both kids and adults. For the juice we used our juicer using cucumber, celery, green apple, pineapple lemon…yum! These are so simple to make using any type of juice you have on hand.


⭐️ Cucumber

⭐️ Pineapple

⭐️ Celery

⭐️ Green Apple

⭐️ Lemon

⭐️ Honey

⭐️ @vitalproteins Beef Gelatin


⭐️ Juice your fruits and veggies to make about 2 cups of juice.

⭐️ In a pan, warm 1 cup of juice. Once warm, add honey and mix. Remove from heat.

⭐️ In a separate bowl, mix 1 cup juice with 6 tablespoons of gelatin.

⭐️ Add the warm juice to the bowl, and mix until gelatin is combined.

⭐️ Add your juice to your favorite gummy molds.

⭐️ Refrigerate for at least 6 hours.

⭐️ Remove gummies and store in air right container in the fridge.

⭐️ Enjoy!

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