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🌈Grazing vs Mealtime Scheduler🌈

As parents, we often worry, “Is my child eating enough," and we have thoughts of “I don’t want them to feel hungry.” In order to meet that need of just making sure our children eat, we often will allow them to eat whenever they ask for food. By allowing them to eat small amounts of snacks throughout the day, this means they more than likely won’t be hungry during actual mealtimes.

It's important for us to help allow children to actually feel hunger as this only helps facilitate having them try new and different foods. If they aren't hungry, they certainly won't be motivated to try those carrots you cut up for them.

So, instead of allowing children to eat throughout the day, try setting a snack (2-3/day) and meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) schedule. Then, see if they are more hungry, and therefore, more willing to eat during mealtimes. Perhaps you will even notice they are more willing to try the more nutritious snacks you offer them.

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