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Gastronaut Spoon

It's a Spoon ... it's a Fork ... it's a Spork!

The Gastronaut, a @genuinefred utensil, is one of our favorites!

This utensil has multiple purposes, which as a speech-language pathologist, I absolutely love.

🌈 Built-Up Utensil! Many children have difficulty with grasping a regular spoon or fork. This spork acts as a built-up utensil does, and provides extra surface area to grip – but looks more fun than a typical adapted utensil!

🌈 It's a Spoon and a Fork in one! This dual-purpose utensil is perfect for eating foods that need to be scooped, while also being able to pick up solid foods.

🌈 It's fun! What child wouldn't want to use an astronaut spork to eat with? This utensil makes eating rewarding, because it's fun to eat with; therefore, your child may be more willing to try those non-preferred foods!

The Gastronaut – A utensil that was made to make eating fun, while also helping with self-feeding skills!❤️

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