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Frozen Granola and Yogurt Bites

Such an easy and refreshing snack to make for both kids and adults. ❤️ We hope you love them!


⭐️ Granola (we used @purely_elizabeth Granola)

⭐️ Melted Butter

⭐️ Strawberries (frozen and/or fresh)

⭐️ Greek Yogurt (we used @greekgodsyogurt )

⭐️ Honey


⭐️ In a blender or processor, blend granola into small pieces.

⭐️ Add melted butter to the granola and mix well.

⭐️ Place granola on the bottom of small muffin tins.

⭐️ Next, in a processor, blend strawberries, yogurt and honey.

⭐️ Add your yogurt mixture to the top of the granola.

⭐️ Place in the freezer for at least 2 hours.

⭐️ Enjoy!!

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