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Fro-Yo Suckers

A new way to try yogurt and fruit as a sucker! These are extremely easy to make, and such a delicious and convenient way to help your little ones get a serving of fruit and dairy! We used frozen mixed berries and frozen mango for our recipe, but you can use any fruit that you would like! You can also get creative with using a variety of silicone molds that you prefer!


⭐️ Frozen Berries

⭐️ Frozen Mango

⭐️ Plain Greek Yogurt

⭐️ Silicone Molds (ours are from Michaels)

⭐️ Sucker Sticks


⭐️ Take your fruit and yogurt and mix in a blender or food processor until smooth. If your fruit isn’t thawed, you may need to add water.

⭐️ Place fruit/yogurt mix into molds.

⭐️ Add a stick to the end of the mold.

⭐️ Place in the freezer for two hours.

⭐️ Enjoy!

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