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Food Exposure!

Although tasting foods may cause more anxiety right away, when kids actually experience tasting foods that are not preferred, we are helping them learn that eating these new foods are safe and enjoyable! 🌈

Think of a phobia that you may have or had. My example is flying. The only way I could get over my fear of flying in an airplane was to get on the airplane. The only way that fear was going to leave was by experiencing it. My first flight was rough (crying/sweaty palms/irrational thoughts)! However, every flight after that has made flying easier and easier. If I would have not been exposed to flying and stuck to watching airplanes fly, and reading about airplanes, that fear would still be here today.

To learn to like foods, children have to be presented with multiple opportunities to EXPERIENCE foods.

How do we get them to experience the food? More strategies to come! 🌈

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