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Focus Food-Apples!

🍎 Our first FOCUS FOOD is APPLES! 🍏

We have lots of videos to share about this fantastic fruit – ways to eat them, fun facts, and even a little science experiment!

As a Speech-Language Pathologist, I cannot leave out the importance of language stimulation during mealtimes. So when eating apples, here are ideas of all the language you can incorporate. Talk. Talk. Talk. This not only builds receptive and expressive language skills, but puts positivity into the food that they are eating.

What to talk about:

🍎 Colors of apples

🍏 Parts of an apple, and how they grow

🍎 Ways that apples can be eaten – peeled, whole, sliced, diced, cooked, dipped, etc.

🍏 Texture and flavor of the apples – ask your child, “how does it feel, and what does it taste like when you take a bite of an apple?”

🍎 Why we should we eat apples? Talk to your kids about how apples are good for their hearts, tummies, and brains! They don’t need all of the nutrition facts, but if they’re interested, share that, too!

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