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Environment-Mealtime Routine

It's important to look around at what your mealtime environment is like and assess if there may be distractions that are interfering with your child's ability to focus on the meal versus what is going on around them them. Distractions can be objects, light, sounds, smells, etc., and they can be different from one person to the next!

Some examples of distractions might be:

Is the TV on?

Are there toys or other objects to play with on the table?

Is there background noise/commotion?

Are the lights too bright? Is it too dark?

Is it too hot? Is it too cold?

The list could go on and on ...

So take a look, and focus on what you want the mealtime environment to be like, and what might be most successful to help your child, who may be struggling to stay and sit at the table. Once you determine what works the best for your family, try it out and be consistent, and add those rules to your mealtime expectations, which we will discuss in a future post!

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