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Edible Fruit Baskets

We are celebrating all things Spring and will be sharing some fun food ideas!

First up, is this incredibly adorable fruit basket, which is entirely edible! The kids made this from start to finish, and had so much fun! They said the best part was eating it! You can get creative with this one and use different food items for the basket handle, and different fruits to fill the basket. We hope you love making these as much as we did!

This fun food idea comes from @thegunnysack ! ❤️


⭐️ Apples

⭐️ Lemon Juice

⭐️ Licorice

⭐️ Blueberries

⭐️ Pineapple

⭐️ Strawberries

⭐️ Raspberries

⭐️ Grapes


⭐️ Slice the top of an apple off. Use a spoon or melon baller to scoop out the center of the apple.

⭐️ Use lemon juice and brush on the inside of the apple to keep it from browning.

⭐️ Place your licorice in the apple to make your basket handle.

⭐️ Fill your basket with fruit!

⭐️ Enjoy!:

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