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Easter Egg- Lunchbox Idea

This might be one of my favorite lunchbox creations yet!

Take your extra Easter eggs and fill them up with food items, then just place them in a lunch bag or box! This idea is also fun for making snack time a little more fun as well! It's amazing how much food actually fits in those little eggs, but you can also use larger eggs as well. For food that might have a little more juice (pickles, olives, oranges, etc.), you can place a small piece of paper towel in the egg so that the juice gets absorbed and doesn't come out of the egg.

What we used:

⭐️ Cheese

⭐️ Turkey

⭐️ @simplemills Almond Crackers

⭐️ Clementine

⭐️ Raspberries

⭐️ Olives

⭐️ Cherry Tomatoes

Kids love this because opening each egg is like another surprise of what food they are going to get next!

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