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Creepy Carrots!

🌈 Creepy Carrots 🌈

An engaging way to work toward trying new food ... read a book about the food!

“Creepy Carrots” is a cute and fun book that really isn’t creepy at all. It’s all about carrots scaring a bunny enough that he builds a fence around them. They celebrate because their plan worked, and now, no one can eat them!

As always, so much language stimulation can be brought out of this book, while your reading:







While reading, you can talk about carrots, and ask lots of questions:

•What do carrots look like?

•Where do carrots grow?

•What does it sound like when we eat carrots?

•Why are carrots good for us?

•Who likes to eat carrots?

•Why were the carrots happy that the bunny built a fence around them?

Creepy reading! 😉

Creepy Carrots

By Aaron Reynolds

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