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Blueberry, Watermelon and Feta Bites

These little bites are so refreshing and a delicious combination. They just might the cutest appetizer at your 4th of July party or any summer party!

When introducing these to our kids, we started with eating each part separately. After that, we combined just two of the foods, and then tried them all together. At first, they weren’t sure, but they ended up loving this fun food combination!


⭐️Watermelon (sliced)

⭐️Block of Feta cheese (sliced)



⭐️Use a medium star food cutter to make your watermelon stars.

⭐️Use a smaller star food cutter to cut out the feta star.

⭐️ Build your bites- watermelon, feta and blueberry. Place a toothpick or food pick down the center to hold.


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