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Banana Presentation

If you have a child who has difficulty trying new foods, presentation can be everything! Let’s be honest, it’s really this way for all toddlers. One time they want something prepared a certain way, and the next time you make it that same way, it’s a complete meltdown, because, well you did it the “wrong way.”

There are so many ways to present bananas to kids, and these are just a few examples:

⭐️ Whole- Peel on

⭐️ Whole- Peel off

⭐️ Cut into shapes

⭐️ Diced

⭐️ Sliced

⭐️ Strips

⭐️ Peel on, but open just enough so they can peel it down

⭐️ Halved- Peel on

⭐️ Halves- Peel off

⭐️ Presented with a fork so they don’t have to touch it with their hands

You get my point! Changing up the way you present a banana can be the simple difference that will help your child eat this nutritious fruit!

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