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Avocado Toast

Isla told me today, “I want to eat this every day!” It’s soooo good!


⭐️ Bread

⭐️ Avocado

⭐️ Lime Juice

⭐️ Salt and Pepper

⭐️ Hard-Boiled Egg

⭐️ Everything But The Bagel Seasoning


⭐️ Toast your bread.

⭐️ Make your avocado spread- avocado, lime, salt and pepper. Spread on toast.

⭐️ Use a small grater and grate hard-boiled egg over the top.

⭐️ Finish with Everything But The Bagel seasoning.

⭐️ Enjoy!

So delish! We also topped with @salassalsas Salsa Verde, which made it extra delicious.

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