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1-Year Anniversary

I honestly can't believe that we started Rainbow Palates just 1 year ago! I remember sharing the idea with my husband one day, and he immediately said, "Just start it now, what are you waiting for?" This introvert didn't know if I had it in me to put things out there, but I listened to his positive push and decided to go for it. I remember the hesitations, and the sleepless nights I had after those first posts. Constant thoughts of, "No one is going to care about this." " People are going to get annoyed with your posts" and so on. Don't get me wrong, I still deal with those thoughts, but most of the time, we are really just having so much fun with this. Rainbow Palates really is my only creative outlet and my hobby. I'm also thankful for the Rainbow Palate kids who have sat through lots of takes of videos/pictures, and helped create and be part of much of the content. They truly love food, and want other kids to feel the same way! They help take us back to our mission of "Making All Food, Kid Food!" We appreciate everyone who follows, likes, loves, and shares our content so much! I cannot tell you how good my heart feels when someone says, "I tried what you posted, and my kids loved it!" Even just hearing that once makes all the work that goes into this blog worth it. So thank you, thank you! Cheers to another year!

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